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Job Of A Career Coach

The main job of a Career Coach is to know whether a person is suitable for a particular kind of job and guide the individual accordingly. If the person is fit for the desired job role then the work of the career coach is to help them get better at their field by doing course and learning more about the subject. Also, if a person is not fit for a specific job role, the responsibility of a career coach is to guide them towards a goal and help them get a job that is meant for them.

To be a career coach there are certain requirements that the employer looks for while selecting the person. Graduation in a specific subject along with experience in this field is generally preferred. If one is a fresher, then he is judged based on his communication skills, analytical skills, convincing power and organizing capability.

Information required for this job role The main task of the professionals is to guide students of schools, colleges or other people in their career. Let them know which job would be suitable for them, where they have more probability to learn or what career option would be available to them based on their academic background. This profession might require them to do some vocational training or a certified course to get a job in a high school, college or business firm. They can also practice career coaching independently without any employer.

One needs to have completed graduation in counselling or any other related field which make them capable of guiding individuals. Certified courses and programs on career coaching are also valid. One can also do a voluntary certification course to be capable of guiding and coaching people in their career.More: career coach

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