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How to write an article?

You may need to write a variety of articles, and if you have no writing experience, it will be difficult to write a good article.

In any case, it is most important that your article meets the requirements and formatting rules. To do this, you need to use some expert academic writing skills. This simple task will be your regular visitor, so you must learn some writing skills from a professional writer. We provide you with a short five-step guide, drawn from years of experience!

Five steps to writing a successful article A blank text cursor on a blank page has not been filled. "From what?"-You have a logical question in your head.

We identified the five pillars of article writing.

Step 1: Select the theme

If you are writing an article, you must not have a topic in the first place. Sometimes the teacher writes the subject for you, but more often, the subject is your own decision. The subject matter depends on the nature of the task. When you write an article, you can choose something related to the subject you are currently studying. Be original, don't write about things that are too ordinary and monotonous. You want to impress them and let them know that you are creative, right?

Step Two: Research

Although you are smart, it is impossible to write good articles without research.

Flip through books, websites, or papers related to a topic. Pay attention to the statements of experts in the field and talk to some of them as much as possible. Don't leave your arguments unfounded. Do as much research as you have time.

Step 3: Make a plan

Even the most talented writer who has the ability to create a blindfolded essay needs an outline. Making a blueprint can help you plan your ideas. Write down all the points you want to cover, all the arguments and citations you want to mention, and how you want to start and end your article. Outline the overall mood you want your article to convey. Find metaphors and appropriate quotes. Think about everything in advance!

Step 4: Vocabulary

Not everyone who needs to write an article speaks perfect English. People who learn from abroad often use lack of proper vocabulary and phrases, and they express it in the wrong way. They can imagine what they want to write, but it is difficult to write on paper in their own tone. Search tools online when you are writing an article without a vocabulary like an English professor. These words usually have synonyms and antonym options, and different types of thesaurus are sorted by type and complexity. There you will find a series of useful fixed phrases and expressions common to the language you are learning.

Step 5: First draft

Stick to the basic structure of a five-paragraph essay. This is the first format they usually give to students. Here's the thing:

Paragraph 1: Introduction Finally, write an article statement, this is the main point of your article. Paragraphs 2-4: main text Start with the topic sentence (a gist). Each paragraph provides conclusive evidence to support this view. Finally, use transitional words and paragraphs. Paragraph 5: Conclusion Emphasize the introduction of your article again. Link to every idea you use in the body. Don't use phrases commonly used in speeches ("summary", "then", etc.). Sometimes, authors can feel such a wave of inspiration, and they can write a thousand words at once. After that, they happily saved the documents and went to bed. The next morning they realized that half of what they wrote didn't make much sense. That's why it's so important to never submit the first version of an article, even if the deadline is approaching; it's best to send the article one minute before the deadline to make it perfect, instead of submitting everything a few hours in advance or even modifying. "How do I make sure everything I do is right?", You ask; the answer is-proofread and review several times. Give this article to your friends to make sure the finished file is perfect and don't forget to say thank you tips.

Now we have provided you with the main anchor to prevent your writing from drifting. Writing a good article can develop writing skills. All you need to do is practice and strive for perfection. This knowledge is even essential to your career success, as you may have to apply writing skills at work. But if you write too much, we can always provide you with professional writing assistance. Come on!

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